Grandma Got Chops

Lasagna in its most salivating form, “back in my day” stories, scents of moth balls and outdated perfume… These are the nostalgic Grandmother tid-bits that comfort me. In La Crosse, Wisconsin, I imagine a child all to familiar with Grandma in the kitchen twirling a spatula and head banging to Slayer with a bunt cakeContinue reading “Grandma Got Chops”

A Fallen Drummer

Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. While it is observed as a U.S Holiday, I am taking the opportunity to commemorate the life of the British soldier and drummer who was murdered in London last week by Islamic Extremists. Lee Rigby, aContinue reading “A Fallen Drummer”

Uncle Jesse…. a drummer?

I always thought John Stamos was capable of outdoing Kitty Krispies. Apparently the Black Keys would agree and have invited him to play drums on their next album. I haven’t kept up with Uncle Jesse’s post-Full House endeavors so this was certainly a surprise to me… Maybe not so much for the pop-culture enthusiasts outContinue reading “Uncle Jesse…. a drummer?”

PROG: Music for Musical Minds

I was surfing around on the Modern Drummer website as I tend to do most mornings… Instead of useful tips on drumming or upcoming events I’d consider attending, my eyes drifted to a link titled 20 Classic Prog Albums and I sure am happy they did. It’s easy to get lost in contemporary music when it’s forcedContinue reading “PROG: Music for Musical Minds”

Def Leppard Drummer Heals the Wounded

Rick Allen experienced a career changing event in 1984 when he lost his arm in a car accident. Years later, he continues to perform, utilizing his strong attributes to replace his lost appendage. His understanding and compassion for people dealing with post-traumatic complications inspired a partnership between Rick and the Wounded Warrior Project in 2009. The focusContinue reading “Def Leppard Drummer Heals the Wounded”