Lynyrd Skynyrd Death Toll Rises

Tragedy is not irrelevant to the Lynyrd Skynyrd lifeline. The preceding chapter to a heart-breaking rock and roll story was written earlier this week with the loss of original drummer, Bob Burns at age 64. What appeared to be a routine ride home on a Friday night in Cartersville, GA ended up as a fatalContinue reading “Lynyrd Skynyrd Death Toll Rises”

Meet my new band…. Oh yea, and my new Entertainment Agency!

Soul City Shakedown is a ‘one band fits all’ entertainment solution for every live occasion. Whether you want a soloist for cocktail hour, jazz trio, power rock quartet, or full band with horns, the members of Soul City Shakedown are adaptable to accommodate your preference and budget. Book Soul City Shakedown Today Soul City Shakedown is represented by JonContinue reading “Meet my new band…. Oh yea, and my new Entertainment Agency!”

Uncle Jesse…. a drummer?

I always thought John Stamos was capable of outdoing Kitty Krispies. Apparently the Black Keys would agree and have invited him to play drums on their next album. I haven’t kept up with Uncle Jesse’s post-Full House endeavors so this was certainly a surprise to me… Maybe not so much for the pop-culture enthusiasts outContinue reading “Uncle Jesse…. a drummer?”

PROG: Music for Musical Minds

I was surfing around on the Modern Drummer website as I tend to do most mornings… Instead of useful tips on drumming or upcoming events I’d consider attending, my eyes drifted to a link titled 20 Classic Prog Albums and I sure am happy they did. It’s easy to get lost in contemporary music when it’s forcedContinue reading “PROG: Music for Musical Minds”