Lynyrd Skynyrd Death Toll Rises

Tragedy is not irrelevant to the Lynyrd Skynyrd lifeline. The preceding chapter to a heart-breaking rock and roll story was written earlier this week with the loss of original drummer, Bob Burns at age 64. What appeared to be a routine ride home on a Friday night in Cartersville, GA ended up as a fatalContinue reading “Lynyrd Skynyrd Death Toll Rises”

Anika Nilles – WOW and, uh WOW!!!

Let me start by saying I don’t know much about Anika Nilles. I discovered her on facebook and immediately rushed to YouTube like a 13 year old entering the doors of a One Direction concert to find a video I could post. Typically I would apply proper due diligence in my research to write aContinue reading “Anika Nilles – WOW and, uh WOW!!!”

Tips for the working drummer (part 2 – action)

So we worked on your attitude in Tips for the Working Drummer (part 1 – attitude) but now you have to do something about it. Face it, you’re a salesman! You have a service. You want other people to use it. Don’t start thinking quotas and nagging bosses. However, the sooner you accept your mission, theContinue reading “Tips for the working drummer (part 2 – action)”