Motown Classics For the Soulful-Minded

This epic list of Motown hits should be on everyone’s Spotify, Tidal, Beats (or whatever streaming platform you use) playlist. Some great drummers on these recordings, such as Benny Benjamin, Uriel Jones, and James Gadson. Original post with embed code can be found on Mojo:

Lynyrd Skynyrd Death Toll Rises

Tragedy is not irrelevant to the Lynyrd Skynyrd lifeline. The preceding chapter to a heart-breaking rock and roll story was written earlier this week with the loss of original drummer, Bob Burns at age 64. What appeared to be a routine ride home on a Friday night in Cartersville, GA ended up as a fatalContinue reading “Lynyrd Skynyrd Death Toll Rises”

4 Steps to Strengthening Your Practice Routine

It would take every finger on the cast of Whiplash to tally up the number of reasons my students have claimed they were unable to practice between lessons. OK, fine… I get it. Drums aren’t the end all be all for EVERYONE. Sometimes I guess the geometry homework or taxes take priority. However, I think this goes beyond notContinue reading “4 Steps to Strengthening Your Practice Routine”

Anika Nilles – WOW and, uh WOW!!!

Let me start by saying I don’t know much about Anika Nilles. I discovered her on facebook and immediately rushed to YouTube like a 13 year old entering the doors of a One Direction concert to find a video I could post. Typically I would apply proper due diligence in my research to write aContinue reading “Anika Nilles – WOW and, uh WOW!!!”