Drumming: Hand or Finger Technique? Using the “Whole Machine”

Developing technique is a looooong process. Probably a life-long process. Drummers are similar to athletes and weight lifters in the sense that our development is directly tied to muscle memory. When the muscles are conditioned, you can execute the task more effectively. Technique is everchanging with respect to one’s muscular capacity. That is not toContinue reading “Drumming: Hand or Finger Technique? Using the “Whole Machine””

Take Virtual Drum Lessons for TIPS ONLY

I am now offering virtual drum lessons on a tips only basis. Trying to stay motivated? Taking up a hobby while you’re stuck indoors? Whatever your reason, let’s rock. We can cover whatever you’d like and you pay what the lesson is worth to you. During times when we are not on a global lockContinue reading “Take Virtual Drum Lessons for TIPS ONLY”

We have moved! Drum lessons will now take place in Fishtown

Effective January 20, 2018 I will no longer be teaching at Philadelphia Music Studios. Lessons will now take place at my home studio in Fishtown, located at 1933 E. Cumberland St. Philadelphia, PA 19125. Our rates will remain the same: $30 – 30 minutes | $40 – 45 minutes, but students may also schedule longerContinue reading “We have moved! Drum lessons will now take place in Fishtown”

5 Important Drum Lessons

When I started teaching drum lessons in the Philadelphia area, I wanted to provide my students with a personalized teaching approach that focuses on their interests and goals.  What I’ve realized is that drum students are often taught what to do, not why they should do it. Here are some helpful tips to take intoContinue reading “5 Important Drum Lessons”