Great Modern Drummer Article on Feel

Great Modern Drummer Article on Feel

Can feel be taught? Do some just have it while others don’t? My personal opinion is that it takes a lot of development to bring unnatural instincts out of a person. While not everyone is born with certain emotions and feelings, they can be improved on with practice. Listen to others, listen to yourself, and take in as much advice from credible drummers as possible. Start with the ones on the link provided.

Join me for a drum jam on April 21st

I am hosting a drum jam for music-loving adults. Learn basic rhythms, create your own, explore a variety of percussion instruments, and apply your skills in a jam session. This will be a fun collaborative atmosphere – NOT a class. No Tests. No Pressure. Just a bunch of people making music with drums. We willContinue reading “Join me for a drum jam on April 21st”

Def Leppard Drummer Heals the Wounded

Rick Allen experienced a career changing event in 1984 when he lost his arm in a car accident. Years later, he continues to perform, utilizing his strong attributes to replace his lost appendage. His¬†understanding and compassion for people dealing with post-traumatic complications inspired a¬†partnership between Rick and the Wounded Warrior Project in 2009. The focusContinue reading “Def Leppard Drummer Heals the Wounded”