A Fallen Drummer

Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. While it is observed as a U.S Holiday, I am taking the opportunity to commemorate the life of the British soldier and drummer who was murdered in London last week by Islamic Extremists. Lee Rigby, aContinue reading “A Fallen Drummer”

Tips for the working drummer (part 2 – action)

So we worked on your attitude in Tips for the Working Drummer (part 1 – attitude) but now you have to do something about it. Face it, you’re a salesman! You have a service. You want other people to use it. Don’t start thinking quotas and nagging bosses. However, the sooner you accept your mission, theContinue reading “Tips for the working drummer (part 2 – action)”

Tips for the working drummer (part 1 – attitude)

I played my first gig in 2003 at a crummy bar outside of Philadelphia. About 20 people were in the room, maybe 3 of them danced, many weren’t listening, and the bar made us pay for our drinks. We played classic rock and didn’t care about the crappy paycheck. We yelled at each other aboutContinue reading “Tips for the working drummer (part 1 – attitude)”