Def Leppard Drummer Heals the Wounded

Rick Allen experienced a career changing event in 1984 when he lost his arm in a car accident. Years later, he continues to perform, utilizing his strong attributes to replace his lost appendage. His understanding and compassion for people dealing with post-traumatic complications inspired a partnership between Rick and the Wounded Warrior Project in 2009. The focus is to help veterans locate positivity and happiness through drumming. Rick’s wife, Lauren Monroe is a professional in healing arts and also a major contributor to the cause. She says drumming has many health benefits including lowering blood pressure, improving heart rate, and alleviating stress. I wrote a blog last year about The Healing Power of Music, discussing some of these benefits in a little more detail, as they pertain to music in general. Rick’s Wounded Warrior Project efforts have brought happiness to many veterans searching for a reason to press on. It is this type of encouragement that allows music  to be viewed in such positive light. We search and search for happiness….. Sometimes all it takes is a song.

Click here to read the full article.

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