Meet my new band…. Oh yea, and my new Entertainment Agency!

Soul City Shakedown is a ‘one band fits all’ entertainment solution for every live occasion. Whether you want a soloist for cocktail hour, jazz trio, power rock quartet, or full band with horns, the members of Soul City Shakedown are adaptable to accommodate your preference and budget. Book Soul City Shakedown Today Soul City Shakedown is represented by JonContinue reading “Meet my new band…. Oh yea, and my new Entertainment Agency!”

A Blast From the Past

Soulfatronic is a hip hop/jazz/rock group I used to play with. The blend of sounds we created made for some pretty interesting songs. The most unique aspect of the band is that we all had very different tastes in music. At times this created some pretty serious conflicts but at the end of the day,Continue reading “A Blast From the Past”