Grandma Got Chops

Lasagna in its most salivating form, “back in my day” stories, scents of moth balls and outdated perfume… These are the nostalgic Grandmother tid-bits that comfort me. In La Crosse, Wisconsin, I imagine a child all to familiar with Grandma in the kitchen twirling a spatula and head banging to Slayer with a bunt cakeContinue reading “Grandma Got Chops”

A Blast From the Past

Soulfatronic is a hip hop/jazz/rock group I used to play with. The blend of sounds we created made for some pretty interesting songs. The most unique aspect of the band is that we all had very different tastes in music. At times this created some pretty serious conflicts but at the end of the day,Continue reading “A Blast From the Past”

Anthony Baker – Roxx Hard

Last night, I had the pleasure of competing with some of the areas best drummers in a Best in Drums Competition that is being hosted at Sam Ash locations around the country. While I believe I gave it a good shot, there was no denying that this man stole the show… Anthony Baker is theContinue reading “Anthony Baker – Roxx Hard”

Studio Session with Carter Beauford

Most people hear drum tracks on recording but haven’t had an up close look at the process of crafting them. As a painfully jealous Carter Beauford fan, I wanted to post this ┬ávideo so people can actually observe the patterns he creates as well as hear them. Carter is one of the most relevant examplesContinue reading “Studio Session with Carter Beauford”