Studio Session with Carter Beauford

Most people hear drum tracks on recording but haven’t had an up close look at the process of crafting them. As a painfully jealous Carter Beauford fan, I wanted to post this  video so people can actually observe the patterns he creates as well as hear them. Carter is one of the most relevant examples I can think of for this purpose. His dynamic expression and intricate phrasing are magnificently impressive – all while the groove is completely locked in. This can be difficult to do in the studio where the primary goal is to make the part fit in tempo and feel. The slightest sixteenth note out of place can result in a retake of the section or often the entire song. 10 takes of a 5 minute song can be physically draining and also create tremendous stress for a drummer who would hopefully nail it in fewer takes. Watch Carter’s technique, posture, and demeanor. This guy is truly a beast in the studio, none the less, one of my favorites of all time. His band…. well, he steals the show. Don’t listen to anyone telling you otherwise…

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