Grandma Got Chops

Lasagna in its most salivating form, “back in my day” stories, scents of moth balls and outdated perfume… These are the nostalgic Grandmother tid-bits that comfort me.

In La Crosse, Wisconsin, I imagine a child all to familiar with Grandma in the kitchen twirling a spatula and head banging to Slayer with a bunt cake in the oven. And of course I’m referring to Mary Hvizda, the viral YouTube celebrity who’s “Grandma Drummer” video got more than one-million hits in less than two days. Actually, she’s not even a grandmother, but at 63 I suppose this is the easiest way to tell the story… This was Mary’s first performance in a decade and one many will remember for a while (or until the next drumming youtube sensation enamors us and we forget all about her).

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