Uncle Jesse…. a drummer?

I always thought John Stamos was capable of outdoing Kitty Krispies. Apparently the Black Keys would agree and have invited him to play drums on their next album. I haven’t kept up with Uncle Jesse’s post-Full House endeavors so this was certainly a surprise to me… Maybe not so much for the pop-culture enthusiasts out there. Perhaps it’s just another brilliant publicity move by the Black Keys who have been in recent tabloid feuds with Justin Beiber – media whores! The Keys certainly have a stranglehold on mainstream Rock these days, incase their triumph over the Grammy competition wasn’t enough evidence for those of you who missed it tweeting about J-Lo’s dress. So I guess this is a natural fit. Stamos has played with the Beach Boys over the years and claims drumming was his whole identity before he got on television. Cool. That scores points in my book. Now, it’s not worth a HAVE MERCY, but I gotta say… Uncle Jesse’s got some skills. Check it out.


And to get nostalgic about it…

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