A Drummer Who Just Doesn’t Fail – Dave Grohl

Yes, this would accurately describe Dave Grohl (former drummer of Nirvana, lead guitarist/lead vocalist of The Foo Fighters). Did you know this man turned down the opportunity to be Tom Petty’s drummer before there was even public knowledge of The Foo Fighters’ existence? What??? Imagine the uncertainties you would face after your legendary front man kills himself, not knowing what (if anything) may follow, being offered a gig with Tom Petty, and telling him you have other plans. At the time, Dave’s only plan was to hope for the best with some songs he had written over the past few years and get them famous as the LEAD SINGER AND GUITARIST…..??? “Sorry Mr. Petty, I have a garage band Im thinking might take off.” Now, we can look back and say that he made a great decision, but those of us actively pursuing opportunities in the music business can attest to what a ballsy move that was. There are no guarantees even if you’re Nirvana’s drummer. I think that helped though…

The Foo Fighters just made their sixth appearance on Saturday Night Live (Grohl’s 10th) last Friday, 17 years and 1 day after Kurt Cobain died. I remember watching MTV when Dave started The Foo Fighters and hearing people’s negative reaction, as if he was expected to just give up music because a band mate died. Since then, three of their albums have won Grammys for Best Rock Album and all six have been nominated. Tomorrow will see the release of the latest Foo Fighters album, “Wasting Light”. It’s interesting to note that if it doesn’t get nominated in the Best Rock Album category, thats actually a let down. The idea of even the most remote possibility of being a part of something nominated in that category is mind boggling for the rest of us, but I guess when the bar is set high, you have to keep jumping over it or raise it. Congrats Dave.

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