10 Ways To Connect With Your Bassist

An undeniably important relationship exists between the drummer and bassist. If we look at a band playing together similarly to how we would look at a recipe, all parts must work together to create the perfect result. While it is the job of every band member to maintain peripheral consciousness of all musicians in theContinue reading “10 Ways To Connect With Your Bassist”

7 Tips on Playing More Creative Drum Fills

One of the most frequent goals I have observed in drum students over the past 5 years is playing more creative drum fills. There is a lot to take into account here but the aim should be to make this second nature, so it’s best to consider this process in phases: 1. Understand how toContinue reading “7 Tips on Playing More Creative Drum Fills”

Am I too old for drum lessons???

The short answer is NO. The slightly longer answer is HELL NO. The proof is here ====> In my 5 year teaching career, I have worked with over 100 aspiring musicians, almost half of which were above the age of 30. About 10% were over 40. And one was 72. I would be more focusedContinue reading “Am I too old for drum lessons???”

Tips for the working drummer (part 2 – action)

So we worked on your attitude in Tips for the Working Drummer (part 1 – attitude) but now you have to do something about it. Face it, you’re a salesman! You have a service. You want other people to use it. Don’t start thinking quotas and nagging bosses. However, the sooner you accept your mission, theContinue reading “Tips for the working drummer (part 2 – action)”

Tips for the working drummer (part 1 – attitude)

I played my first gig in 2003 at a crummy bar outside of Philadelphia. About 20 people were in the room, maybe 3 of them danced, many weren’t listening, and the bar made us pay for our drinks. We played classic rock and didn’t care about the crappy paycheck. We yelled at each other aboutContinue reading “Tips for the working drummer (part 1 – attitude)”