10 Ways To Connect With Your Bassist

An undeniably important relationship exists between the drummer and bassist. If we look at a band playing together similarly to how we would look at a recipe, all parts must work together to create the perfect result. While it is the job of every band member to maintain peripheral consciousness of all musicians in theContinue reading “10 Ways To Connect With Your Bassist”

7 Tips on Playing More Creative Drum Fills

One of the most frequent goals I have observed in drum students over the past 5 years is playing more creative drum fills. There is a lot to take into account here but the aim should be to make this second nature, so it’s best to consider this process in phases: 1. Understand how toContinue reading “7 Tips on Playing More Creative Drum Fills”

#DrumStudentTabloids: Avery & Truett Easley

It’s Ringo, wait… It’s 2 Ringo’s…. Nope, even better… It’s Avery and Truett Easley just sporting very relevant Beatles hair styles. No surprise that The Beatles are actually one of their favorite bands, along with The Beastie Boys. Maybe its something about band names that start with “B”…? I absolutely love teaching group drum lessonsContinue reading “#DrumStudentTabloids: Avery & Truett Easley”

#DrumStudentTabloids: John Lavin

Teaching adults is very enjoyable for me. With years of experience behind them and an insightful world view, drum lessons become more than simply learning an instrument. In the case of John Lavin, it’s an exploration of culture and self-identity. John teaches English at Kensington Business High School and orchestrates a drum circle for the students, encouragingContinue reading “#DrumStudentTabloids: John Lavin”

5 Reasons to Take Drum Lessons In Philadelphia This Summer

Summer has arrived Philadelphia and as usual, there is no shortage of awesome things to do around town. In the midst of street festivals, concerts, and baseball games, I have another ageless and timeless activity worth pursuing: DRUM LESSONS – But Jon, is drumming really a summertime activity? Well, it’s not limited to summer but hereContinue reading “5 Reasons to Take Drum Lessons In Philadelphia This Summer”