#DrumStudentTabloids: John Lavin

John LavinTeaching adults is very enjoyable for me. With years of experience behind them and an insightful world view, drum lessons become more than simply learning an instrument. In the case of John Lavin, it’s an exploration of culture and self-identity. John teaches English at Kensington Business High School and orchestrates a drum circle for the students, encouraging a melting pot of self-expression through rhythmic communication. John approaches education with a goal-oriented mentality, which has helped us abide by a curriculum with specific check points to evaluate our progress. My favorite thing about John’s attitude is his open mind for experimentation. It is not uncommon for us to jam on separate drum sets for 10 uninterrupted minutes. It’s amazing what we are able to extract from those jams to apply towards our more focused areas of study, which tend to be on the jazzier side of things. Keep it up John!

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