#DrumStudentTabloids: Avery & Truett Easley

Philadelphia Drum Lessons - Truett_Avery

It’s Ringo, wait… It’s 2 Ringo’s…. Nope, even better… It’s Avery and Truett Easley just sporting very relevant Beatles hair styles. No surprise that The Beatles are actually one of their favorite bands, along with The Beastie Boys. Maybe its something about band names that start with “B”…? I absolutely love teaching group drum lessons and find it to be very helpful for students to learn in a collaborative setting. Not only are students able to learn basic drumming, they are also able to help one another and develop a true ability to interact with “band mates”. In the case of this family band in the making, putting beats together is simply an enjoyable practice and hopefully something that leads to some great musical synergy as they evolve into their stage personas. When they aren’t rocking out on the drums, Avery and Truett love playing with Legos, Minecraft and their dogs Mona and Honeybear.

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