Richard Brill: Drum Student Tabloids

Richard is about as devoted as they get. Give this man a challenge and he may very well spend the next month of his life locked in his basement trying to master it. Richard and I have been highly focused on technique and the adjustments that can be made to improve speed, control, footwork, and overall comfort around the drum set. After all, the main categories in drumming education have a ton of cross-over. So the effects of the Moeller Technique, for example are not just on speed and control, but also dynamics. Usually we hear the Moeller Technique as a solution to playing faster and controlling hands but Richard is starting to play some really cool stuff using the Moeller Technique as a means to play more musically. A similar approach to footwork has Richard playing those Bonham bass drum triplets and improving comfort in his feet while looking at different hand/foot combinations.

I’m having a blast with this guy!


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