Finger Technique for Speed and Control

Finger technique is frequently overlooked but VERY important. We are taught at an early stage to use our wrists and improve technique from Moeller-related studies. While this is an area that should always be focused on, we must look towards developing all of the muscle groups that are involved with drumming. Since playing a drum set requires virtually every muscle group in our bodies, it is very important to focus on exercises that encourage muscle memory, comfort, and control. Having good finger technique can increase speed and take the strain off of other muscle groups that are exposed to more “wear and tear”. You will also notice, as it becomes more comfortable, that this technique can be used in conjunction with the wrists. There are 2 videos below. The first is a demonstration of this technique by Jared Falk. The second is a performance by Benny Greb. Benny is one of my favorite drummers and one of the best examples of finger technique.

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