Before Gavin started playing the drums, he would beat on everything. So when his mom asked if he wanted lessons, it was a total no brainer… On top of being an excellent learner, drumming has proven to be a great way to channel his unstoppable energy! Gavin is a naturally creative young man. When he’s not whackin’ the drums, he often spends time writing his own stories and doing art. Gavin even creates his very own T-shirts, such as this one pictured here. I even got one for myself…
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Gavin’s favorite bands are 21 Pilots, Queen, David Bowie, Imagine Dragons and the Foo Fighters; So a good amount of old and new. I’m always a fan of a young drummer taking inspiration from the days of old and new. Gavin likes to emulate his favorite drummers, including the likes of Taylor Hawkins, Dave Grohl and Josh Dunn. We’ve had a great time going over drumming basics and are now beginning to explore a variety of rock beats. Great job Gavin. Keep up the good work!

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