#DrumStudentTabloids: Kat Byland

Kat Byland - Jon Ardito Drum School

Kat Byland is no stranger to music. While the drums are a new addition to her agenda, Kat has some experience on the violin. Needless to say, her musical journey is becoming quite versatile. It’s Kat’s interest in patterns that draws her to the drums, which is why we spend a good amount of time exploring different drum beats in Joel Rothman’s “Basic Drumming” book. Her favorite artists include the likes of Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, Hailstorm, Journey, and Linkin Park. I’ll never forget my first conversation with Kat, when she revealed her enjoyment for heavy music. It’s always nice to hear a young lady with an appetite for destruction. With drumming goals focused on playing full songs on the drums, we will certainly have some good material to explore in the upcoming weeks. We’ll just hope the neighbors don’t mind a little heavy metal in their breakfast. When Kat isn’t playing the drums she enjoys reading, basketball, gaming and paddle sports. She also seems to have developed quite a travel bug, as she plans to visit California and Hawaii in the upcoming future. Keep it up Kat!

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