#DrumStudentTabloids: Egidijus Jonca

photo 3While our native languages cause the occasional blip in communication, it is the language of music that allows Ega and I to connect in the studio. Having never sat behind a drum set before, Ega came to me with an interest and a plan to develop his musical competence beginning with the rhythmic side of things. Back home in Lithuania, Ega has friends who are active in the music community and is now making strides to match their talents. In my humble opinion, he is doing a great job and without the convenience of a drum set to practice on. Even more impressive to me is his commitment to meet weekly with his bike being the primary mode of transportation. Now, we didn’t have a particularly messy winter but there were some cold, snowy days. Yet Ega never has an excuse not to show up. That is the kind of determination that makes someone great at anything. I have no doubt in my mind that Ega will one day regroup with his musician friends in Lithuania to flaunt the rock solid chops he is developing on the drums.

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