We developed this monthly program for drummers that have goals to improve in very specific areas but no time travel to brick and mortar locations for lessons. This custom-tailored learning experience provides students with a high quality teaching system they can go at their own pace with. Here’s how it works:

  1. Student and Teacher have a consultation to establish student’s level of experience and understanding of musical concepts.
  2. Student provides teacher with a “lesson brief” outlining EXACTLY what they want to learn.
  3. Teacher consolidates the brief into a lesson plan then shares it with Student for approval.
  4. Once approved, Teacher puts together a Lesson Package for the student to execute at his or her pace.

Each Lesson Package includes:

  • 1 high-quality video of teacher conducting the lesson
  • Written directions guiding students through lesson concepts.
  • A recommended practice routine and schedule.
  • 1 custom e-book with supporting exercises to maximize progress.
  • Proposed times for 2 skype check ins that will take place during the month. These check ins are opportunities for the Teacher and Student to touch base, provide feedback, and address questions in real-time.

Contact us using the form below to order your customized video lesson package:


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